Real-Time Clock (RTC) library for Arduino
tm Struct Reference

#include <time.h>

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Public Member Functions

 tm ()
 tm (int8_t wday, int16_t year, int8_t mon, int8_t mday, int8_t hour, int8_t min, int8_t sec)

Public Attributes

int8_t tm_sec
 Seconds [0-60]. More...
int8_t tm_min
 Minutes [0-59]. More...
int8_t tm_hour
 Hours [0-23]. More...
int8_t tm_mday
 Day in Month [1-31]. More...
int8_t tm_wday
 Days since Sunday [0-6]. More...
int8_t tm_mon
 0-11 Months since January [0-11]. More...
int16_t tm_year
 Years since 1900. More...
int16_t tm_yday
 days since January 1 [0-365]. More...
int16_t tm_isdst
 Daylight Saving Time flag [-1/0/1]. More...

Detailed Description

The tm structure contains a representation of time 'broken down' into components of the Gregorian calendar.

Definition at line 36 of file time.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

tm::tm ( )

Definition at line 47 of file time.h.

tm::tm ( int8_t  wday,
int16_t  year,
int8_t  mon,
int8_t  mday,
int8_t  hour,
int8_t  min,
int8_t  sec 

Definition at line 52 of file time.h.

Member Data Documentation

int8_t tm::tm_hour

Hours [0-23].

Definition at line 39 of file time.h.

int16_t tm::tm_isdst

Daylight Saving Time flag [-1/0/1].

Definition at line 45 of file time.h.

int8_t tm::tm_mday

Day in Month [1-31].

Definition at line 40 of file time.h.

int8_t tm::tm_min

Minutes [0-59].

Definition at line 38 of file time.h.

int8_t tm::tm_mon

0-11 Months since January [0-11].

Definition at line 42 of file time.h.

int8_t tm::tm_sec

Seconds [0-60].

Definition at line 37 of file time.h.

int8_t tm::tm_wday

Days since Sunday [0-6].

Definition at line 41 of file time.h.

int16_t tm::tm_yday

days since January 1 [0-365].

Definition at line 44 of file time.h.

int16_t tm::tm_year

Years since 1900.

Definition at line 43 of file time.h.

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